33 years after his death, people still remember Giancarlo Siani’s bravery. He never kept his mouth shut about what was happening in Torre Annunziata.

The journalist was so determined to discover the truth and he was completely in love with his job. All he wanted was alerting people about organized crime which was involved in politics and in many other fields, but people seemed to reject the truth, they were too scared to pick the right side. But he wasn’t, and he kept on using his job to fight camorra and exposing it.

His voice was too loud in criminals’ opinion, so they decided to shut the truth up and kill him. 10 gunshots in his head and Giancarlo’s life was taken away by the people he’d always tried to stop.

Many years took to arrest the murderers. At first people blamed him, trying to cover the lawlessness of their hometown, but some years later they started facing the truth.

Today young generations are trying to fill in for Giancarlo’s voice, taking him as a model of bravery, standing together against camorra.