On 13th December of this academic year, a group of students from our school attended the musical “Fame”, held in the “Supercinema” in Castellammare Di Stabia.

The musical is based on the screenplay by Christopher Gore and it’s about a group of American teenagers who attend the prestigious High School of Performing Arts in New York City.

In this school students are divided into three departments: music, drama and dance. They have to study these three disciplines but all of the other ordinary subjects too.

In the drama department Doris Finsecker, Montgomery MacNeil and Ralph Garci are accepted. Doris is a Jewish girl with a low self-esteem, Montgomery is a boy who suffers for his family struggles and his hidden homosexuality and Ralph is a funny guy who entered the drama department after failing music and dance auditions.

In the music department there’s Bruno Martelli, a talented keyboardist who is scared to play his music publicly even if everybody appreciates it.

In the dance department there are Leroy Johnson, who got in even if he was just supposed to help a friend during her audition, Lisa Monroe, who successfully passed her audition but she has no interest in dance, and Coco Hernandez, who is accepted in all of the three departments thanks to her huge talent.

The plot follows each storyline in an engaging way, so that the audience pays attention to the musical and feels involved.

Attending this musical was a chance for us to spend time together, have fun and learn English in a different and effective way.