A conferma dei tanti pregiudizi sul cibo in Gran Bretagna , eccovi una lista di orrori inglesi.

If you are a young tourist in the U.K. and you want to save some money, take a risk

and try some of funny British inventions.

Very often British people invent British versions of foreign dishes.

Spaghetti Bolognese (pronounced bolonays) is a favorite meal. It is a combination of overcooked spaghetti with a lot of meat sauce.

You can even buy spaghetti Bolognese in a tin as most Brits do when they don’t have time or they defrost and cook frozen spaghetti in a microwave.


Another favorite dish is “Macaroni Cheese” a sort of pasta cooked in a  Cheesy béchamel sauce. It is possible to enjoy it on a toast.




Chicken tikka masala” is one of the most popular dishes  in the U.K. The recipe sounds Indian: chicken in a creamy spicy, but many people think it originally comes from Scotland.

On British menus  you can sometimes find very strange combinations “ tandori chicken pizza”, a pizza margherita with sweetcorn, mushrooms and  tandori ( Indian) chicken or “chicken Milanese”: thin pieces of chicken served with “spaghetti napolitana” with tomato sauce.

Of course you can eat delicious traditional British food in some “expensive reastaurants” but you will never taste as good food as you are used to having especially if you are Italian.