Questo articolo nasce da una esperienza di visita guidata presso l’Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte. Esso è una bella realtà scientifica nella nostra città. Qui di seguito  presentiamo la storia dell’Osservatorio ma anche le nostre suggestioni.

The Napoletan Astronomical Observatory  was established by Joseph Bonaparte in 1807, in the ancient monastery of San Gaudioso on the Caponapoli hill. When Joachim Murat was appointed king of Naples, he approved in  1812 the foundation of a new Observatory on the Miradois hill, a site not far from the royal palace of Capodimonte. The astronomer Federigo Zuccari and the architect Stefano Gasse conceived a monumental building in the Neoclassic style, the first to be designed in the capital of the Kingdom of Naples. In 1812 Zuccari established also an astronomical library in San Gaudioso’s Observatory. The collection grew from 195 to 620 books in four years .In the middle of 1815, Ferdinand I of Bourbon  became the king of Naples. He called in Naples the astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi, to supervise the conclusion of building works. The new Observatory was  completed in 1819.

The following are the ideas we collected among us during that amusing experience:

Visiting the Planetarium was amazing, because we saw the stars and planets and we learned something about a Science called  Astrophysics . Our experience was beautiful and interesting.(Katia)

Mr Gino , an Astrophysicist who works there, showed us the Planetarium, a really nice place. It was a cool experience. Everyone  was looking for his zodiac sign, because we saw the sky, its constellation and the stars! (Giuli

Our school trip to the Planetarium was too interesting and fun. We had a nice guide who explained us the  solar system in the magic darkness of the Planetarium. A fantastic Universe with moon, constellation and stars that shine. We saw the sun with a telescope, too. It was really exciting! (Martina)

The Capodimonte Planetarium is one of the most ancient in Europe. It was a pleasure to visit it because there was the help of a kind  guide: Mr Gino. (Fabio)

Visiting the Capodimonte’s observatory was a marvellous experience. The most beautiful thing was the Planetarium. We watched an artificial sky with all the stars, planets and constellations. It was magic.[Arianna e Federica]

We visited the Planetarium, and we used the telescope to watch the sun. But do not do this to   naked eyes because it’s dangerous for your sight!!![Debora)

I liked that experience very much because the Universe and The Astronomy fascinated me.[Luisa]

We need  Science to find out Universe, Earth, Stars and everything around us. Astronomy is Science but also Art. [Alessandra]

Visiting the Capodimonte’s Planetarium was an incredible experience .In this way we understand  the solar system  and what surround us. The Planetarium is fantastic![Martina]

The majesty of the Universe goes above the numbers and their infinity.[Miriam]

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