Sua Maestà Elizabeth II il 21 aprile compirà 93 anni. Ecco alcune curiosità sulla più longeva regina d’Inghilterra.


Happy Birthday to the Queen!  Queen Elizabeth II is ninety-three years old this year, and the UK is planning a big party.

Elizabeth has been the Queen for 67 years. You see her picture everywhere on stamps, on coins and even on tea towels. At 93, the Queen is still very busy. She carries out more than 200 engagements every year.


The Queen’s most famous home is Buckingham Palace London, where she lives from Monday to Friday. The palace is huge. It has 775 rooms. She often spends her weekends at Windsor Castle. At Christmas she goes to Sandringham House in the Norfolk countryside. She likes to spend her summers in Scotland at Balmoral Castle.


At official events, the Queen dines on the finest food. But what does she eat at home? The royal chef Darren McCracy says the Queen has simple tastes. “She likes corn flakes breakfast, and she loves jam sandwiches and chocolate cake”, he says.


The Queen’s birthday falls on the 21st of April, but the official celebrations are later in the year on her official birthday. The most spectacular will be a giant street party in London on Sunday the 12th of June. Ten thousand specially-chosen guests will sit at tables outside Buckingham Palace eating food. Towns across the country will also hold their own street parties and celebrations.


Elisabeth has loved dogs and horses since she was a child. Her favourite dogs are corgis. She has own

ed more then 30 corgis in her life. The corgis ever fly with her on planes! Horse-riding is one of the Queen’s favourite pastimes. She owns several race horses and loves read the Racing Post with her breakfast.


She doesn’t need to carry keys, tickets or money of course, but she never leaves home without her Launer handbag! It costs £1,000 and is an essential part of her outfit. Why? Because  the Queen  places her bag on the table in front of her she  wants to signal to her ladies-in-waiting means she is ready to leave the event.


This is the crown that the Queen wears every year when she opens Parliament. The crown is made of gold and silver. It as large precious stones,17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and 2868 diamonds. The crown is 30 cm high and weight 1.25 Kg. Because the crown heavy , the Queen practises walking in it before  she wears it in public. The crown is located in the tower of London with other jewels.