Cristoforo Colombo può essere definito il grande esploratore che scoprì l’America o il “terrorista” che diede inizio alla persecuzione degli indigeni?


According to millions of U.S. citizens it is wrong to glorify Columbus, but why all those people think that?

On 12 October 1492 the Italian explorer discovered by mistake America. Indeed he thought that he had arrived in India. Columbus couldn’t give his name to the new continent but a German cartographer attributed it in honour of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci who explored the new continents the following years.

However, a lot of people define Columbus not an explorer but a sort of “terrorist” because he initiated centuries of colonization by European nations.

Since 1500 until 1650 the European settlers campaigned to impose their colonial rule with an enormous impact on the history. Today not much has known about the Native American history, this is injust! All people should know their history and all people must know all the injustice committed in the past by European colonizers who started the mass persecution of all the indigenous: Indios, Maya, Aztecs and American Indian.

Nowadays the descendants of this indigenous tribes have been campaigning to abolish the Columbus Day in favour of Indigenous Peoples’ Day so to pay homage and to honour their sacrifice facing the past, learning from it so not to repeat it.

In spite of everything the Americans have to thank Columbus for his discovery, who brought across the years the America, and in particular the US, in the centre of the World.