Do you know that about 10 per cent of the population is left-handed or it’s better to say “lefties”?

Scientists believe it may be genetic. Being left-handed has not always been accepted and has sometimes been considered a flaw. In the Middle Age, people thought that left-handed people were witches.

Until recent decades, the left hand was considered the “hand of the devil”, because in contrast to the right, the hand that blesses. For this reason, left-handers have been considered for centuries as “reverses”, to be corrected and sometimes lefties were victims of prejudice.


An organization called Left-Handers International created the day for left-handers( it’s August 13th)  to celebrate the uniqueness of left-handed people, encouraging the positive aspect and also raising awareness of the difficulty they experience in a world created for right-handers. One of the main goals of the day dedicated left-handers is to see the positives of being on the other side.


The right side of the brain commands the left side associated with subjects such as art or music. This makes left-handers more creative.

The demonstration of left-handed genius comes from people like Beethoven, Einstein, Mozart, Charlie Chaplin who were all left-handed  Many people think it is real, others believe it is a myth.


For left-handed people, it is difficult to live in a right-handed world. There are a lot of tools and utensils for left-handed people like scissors, corkscrews, peelers, can opener but they are more expensive and this is not fair.

An activity that you can do with right-handers to make them understand the difficulties of being left-handed is to create a “Left-Handed Zone” in which right-handers perform normal actions but with their left hand. Please try this fun experiment and let me know!