Although man has practiced the art of fighting with his bare hands since the dawn of history, the first historical evidence of boxing matches has very ancient dates. In fact, the first known description of boxing is attested around the third century B.C., in a Sumerian bas-relief, found in Iraq. Although, it became a real sporting practice in Ancient Greece, thanks to its first introduction to the traditional Olympic Games in 688 B.C. Boxing also became extremely popular in Roman times, until, in 393 A.D., in the gladiatorial era, it was banned along with all the other Olympic games, considered pagan. With the advent of Christianity, boxing as a means of entertainment fell into disuse due to its excessive brutality, only to resurrect in the 16th century, especially in Britain, until the rules of the Marquis of Queensberry were introduced in 1867. I ‘ve had the opportunity to appreciate this noble sport, thanks to my dear friend Salvatore Pollio, student of the Liceo Pitagora-B. Croce, in Torre Annunziata. He won in the Junior 50 kg category of the Italian Boxing Championships 2020. One of the questions that I often ask myself thinking of Salvatore is how he manages the boxing practiced at a competitive level with the studies of Classical High School. He has always replied that he is motivated by a strong passion for both, which leads him not to stop, committing to organize every day in the best possible way. Moreover Salvatore told me that before trying his hand at boxing, he had played football, also at a competitive level, but the passion for boxing was given him by his uncle,who encouraged him to go to the gym together .He gave him his first pair of gloves, which he still jealously preserves. Subsequently, after 5 months of relaxation, he faced his first meeting between great emotions and tensions: THE FIRST MATCH from which he learned a lot. Salvatore’s passion for boxing leads him to make many sacrifices , between extreme diets and intense relaxation that lead him to have little time for himself. But he is convinced that these sacrifices will pay off. Salvatore told me about his dream: to become a magistrate ; but he also told me he wants to carry on practicing boxing at competitive levels. He knows it will be a difficult path, but his strong determination will lead him not to stop. Finally I asked Salvatore about the Italian championship of 2021 and he replied that he will try again the Italian championships, passing the regional stages, but this time ,he‘d like to gain the first place.
This is the story of Salvatore Pollio a 16-year-old boy, who came to obtain an overall second place in the Italian championships, thanks to his great determination. In my opinion a splendid example of what can be achieve by combining a great passion and a determined iron will.


Lorenzo D’Albero III A classico.